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Meet Tiffani

Meet Tiffani Johnson, a seasoned legal professional with a diverse background in civil and criminal law. 

With experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Tiffani brings a comprehensive perspective to her work. As a former Fulton County Assistant Solicitor General, she vigorously represented the community's interests, prosecuting cases ranging from domestic violence to DUI offenses. Notably, she served as the Assistant Solicitor in DUI Court, demonstrating her commitment to accountability and rehabilitation.

Transitioning to public defense, Tiffani provided holistic representation to countless individuals, emphasizing restorative justice principles. Her dedication extended to advocating for children as a Guardian Ad Litem and representing parents in child welfare cases. Tiffani firmly believes in the inherent dignity of every individual and ensures that everyone receives fair treatment in court.

In addition to her public service, Tiffani has excelled in private practice and consultancy roles, including positions with Davis Bozeman Law and the Office of ALJ. A proud graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law and Fisk University, she brings a wealth of legal knowledge and a commitment to justice to her candidacy for Fulton Superior Court Judge.

Tiffani Johnson is more than a candidate; she's a champion for fairness, equity, and accountability in our judicial system. With her integrity, compassion, and unwavering dedication to the law, she is poised to serve the community with distinction on the bench.

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